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Is the Disney+ show Loki just Doctor Who for Americans? New Theory Podcasts looking at the odd similarities between the shows, plus Patreon Theoretician subscribers get bonus episodes about what could be my ideal show - Resident Alien - is it the Grey's Anatomy Good Wife in Space show I've always dreamed of?

New Theory!

Theory Podcast Returns!

Refresh your memory with Jodie Whittaker in 'Revolution of the Daleks,' get creeped out by seaweed with Patrick Troughton in 'Fury From the Deep,' followed by a twelve-part epic space opera starring Jon Pertwee with 'Frontier in Space' and 'Planet of the Daleks.'

Season Nine

Theory Podcast Season 9

Theory 200! 20th anniversary special 'The Five Doctors,' Patrick Troughton epic finale 'The War Games,' David Tennant WWI stories 'Human Nature' and 'The Family of Blood,' Jon Pertwee premiere 'Spearhead from Space,' and Time Lord Victorious bonus episodes.

Season Ten

Theory Podcast Season 10

Bonus Episodes!

Star Trek: Discovery Season Three

Season Eleven

Theory Podcast Season 11

A recap of Jodie Whittaker in Season 12, festive special 'Revolution of the Daleks,' animated Daleks! and other Time Lord Victorious bonus episodes, plus Jon Pertwee meets The Master in Terror of the Autons.

Season One

Theory Podcast Season 1

Watch Doctor Who Season 11 (available to stream in Australia on Stan.)

Season Two

Theory Podcast Season 2

Watch Doctor Who Season 12 (available on Apple TV and Google Play)

Bonus Episodes

Theory Podcast Season 3

Watch Star Trek: Picard (available to stream in Australia on Prime Video)

Season Four

Theory Podcast Season 4

Classic Doctor Who Season 23: 'Trial of a Time Lord'

On Blu-ray Apple TV & Google Play.

Behold my remote control Death to the Dalek dolly.

Doctor Who:

Virgin New Adventures #60

A Walk to Work with Whittaker

Brendan Jones on YouTube

The Middle Aisle at Aldi

Everything you've heard is true.